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What’s been happening in Makaron’s kitchen?

We catch up with our chef Lucas Carstens to find out what’s inspiring him this autumn.

Veal sweetbreads, leek, mushroom tea.

Says Chef Lucas:

“We’re drawing inspiration from any fresh ingredients or good quality meat or fish. We’re getting some great quality pork from Charlie at Glen Oakes.

We’re sourcing Jerusalem artichokes from Genesis Farms, and some fresh horseradish from Mason Farming.

We’re currently working on a dish using beef brisket, (that has been pasture raised and grain finished) served with a hollandaise made with last season’s nasturtium flower vinegar, fresh grated horseradish and marigold petals.

And we’re really focusing on knowing where all our produce comes from, how it’s grown and so on.”

As always there are a few culinary experiments running:
At the moment we’re experimenting with dry-ageing fish. Plus in our constant search for umami we’re fermenting ingredients and toasting yeasts; and using that in desserts with sourdough ice cream.

We are also experimenting with roasted potato skins; normally the skins get tossed in the bin. We currently have a chocolate and potato dessert where we make roasted potato skin ice cream—it has such a nice, nutty flavour—and also transparent potato crisps.

Favourite dish of the moment?
Currently it’s the “tarentaal dish” guinea fowl served with spiced celeriac purée, fermented berry sauce and vegetable crisp. The dish looks like autumn…

I live on a wine farm just outside Stellenbosch and every morning and afternoon I see the guinea fowl walking trough the vineyards, and also with autumn arriving the vineyards are changing color, to this beautiful purple, orange red and yellow colour, I thought why not make a guinea fowl dish that resembles this… I guess that scene in my minds-eye was where I got the inspiration for that dish.

Any interesting new techniques you’re playing with?
Roasting whole potatoes, then using the skins to infuse a milk and cream mixture for the ice cream on our dessert menu.