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Wines to drink this autumn at Majeka House

Brenda Karamba, Sommelier and Restaurant Manager of Makaron, shares her top autumn wines.

Mvemve Raats Mr De Compostella by Bruwer Raats
This wine offers the perfect harmony of each of the five Bordeaux varieties, ensuring that none dominates the blend. This wine shows a consistent, linear flavour profile with a polished finish.

Matthew Van Heerden Chardonnay
This is one of the best interpretations of Chardonnay I’ve tried: it’s a wine that is smooth both on the palate and on the nose. Matthew’s Chardonnay has the perfect balance between acidity and body; it’s well balanced and is a perfect food wine for pairing in the restaurant or just enjoyed as a glass of wine on the porch while watching the sunset.

Post House Merlot (Black Mail)
Hailing from the farm that has the oldest post house in Cape Town; their Merlot has a perfect balance of earthiness as well as flavours and acidity that one can ask for in a Merlot. Most Merlots are dominated by too much herbaceousness that at times do not do justice to the wine, but with Post House, it’s a perfect balance of everything that one can look for in a Merlot.