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#LukaLikes…The Kraal

Epicurean in the making, Luka van der Merwe is the son of owners, Karine Dequeker and Lloyd van der Merwe.

One of their favourite ways to spend time together as a family is trying new restaurants, and eating out in general. From a young age Luke has accompanied his foodie parents to some of the very best restaurants, around the world.

Here are 14-year-old Luka’s thoughts on The Kraal. Would Luka recommend it to our guests? The answer is an empathic, Yes!

“The Kraal is very South African restaurant on a real farm. The food is great; the concept is farm-t-table and I recommend it to any tourists who are interested to have a proper South African cuisine experience.

“The name of the farm is Joostenberg, and it has been part of the owner’s family for seven generations. The Kraal is only open on a Sunday for lunch. I really enjoyed this restaurant and I would definitely go again.”