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Beauty everywhere

We dive into curated little moments of design brilliance with our interior designer, Etienne Hanekom. Etienne also shares his top tips for curating a collection of beautiful things.

Majeka’s interiors, what was the overall vision and how did you go about achieving it?
The overall vision was to create interior spaces that were moody and somewhat out of most comfort zones. It needed to also have a calm timeless essence. I think in a way each of the spaces have their own personality.

What are your favourite design moments in Majeka House? My favourite is the walk-through wine cellar in the restaurant entrance area – this was the biggest challenge, The space was originally never designed to be a hotel, so it was also really tricky to get some sort of flow for guests and staff. The restaurant used to be a 2-bedroom apartment and the entrance used to be a built-in fireplace. We moved that fireplace to the opposite side of the restaurant giving it a glass back that looks out on the patio area.

How do you feel about the pigs – and do you have any favourites?
The pigs. Hmmm, I have gotten use to all of them! I am also guilty of introducing the biggest pig on site, the Moooi pig in reception Designed by Front.

How did you feel when Majeka House was crowned design hotel of the year?
Funny thing is, this was my first ever interior project I have ever done, so I think by not following all the rules the end result was something really from my soul, I really enjoyed working on that project, but in all fairness, if it wasn’t for the owners trusting me it would have been a different machine today.

Your top tips for curating a collection of things on a mantel or table?
1. A collection is an expression of who you are, go with your gut and fill your house with objects you love
2. It’s not about a price-tag here, it’s a collection of memories.
3. It should tell a story, let the objects play with each other.
4. Change. Have a few collections, move things around to keep it interesting.
5. A few more basic tips: vary the height of objects and play with textures and colour.

The walk-through wine cellar.

We asked Etienne to share some of his own personal favourite collections.