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Gnocchi by Chef Lucas Carstens

Pictured: potato gnocchi, miso, dune spinach, sea lettuce, as served in Majeka Kitchen. Pillowy soft, with that chewy bite, Chef Lucas knows his way around a bowl of gnocchi. Emulate his inimitable style, with his gnocchi recipe below. Toppings at your discretion, but a classic - and one you can't go wrong with - is burnt butter and crispy sage.

600g potato (mealy)
sea salt
100g flour, cake 
40g yolks, egg

Preheat oven 200C 
Pierce potatoes with fork, place on tray and bake till soft. +-hour.
Scoop flesh out and pass through sieve, whilst still hot.
Form well with potato mash, sprinkle with flour, add yolks and season with salt.
Use bench scraper to form dough. Do not knead.
Dough should be soft to touch.
Roll the dough with fingers to form rope. Cut rope to preferred size/gnocchi pieces.
Bring a large pot of salted water  to simmer. Add gnocchi pieces.
When the gnocchi start to flout, skim from water and place in ice bath. Transfer gnocchi to greased tray. Reheat in water or fry in pan when ready to eat./use.

Make mash while potato still hot.
Don’t knead dough.