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Yellowtail pastrami by Chef Lucas

At Majeka Kitchen Chef Lucas serves our house-made yellowtail pastrami with karkalla (type of succulent), plum, lemon balm. Here's a recipe to make the yellowtail pastrami at home, delicious on its own, simply squeeze some fresh lemon over it - or get creative as you like, taking inspiration from Chef Lucas.

Yellowtail pastrami
1kg boneless yellowtail fillet, skin on.

40g caster sugar 
80g fine salt 
1 tablespoon ground fennel seeds 
1 tablespoon ground coriander seeds 
1 x fresh bay leaf, finely chopped

Seasoning rub: 
Fresh ground black pepper 

Combine all cure mix ingredients in a clean bowl,
Rub the fish with the mix until it is completely covered.
Place fish on stainless steel tray or clean plastic container lined with baking paper and refrigerate. Leave for 3-4 days, turning the fish every day. Once fish is cured, remove from tray and pat dry with paper towel.  When ready to serve season with black pepper over the fish and slice the flesh straight off the skin from tail to head. Serve at room temperature.

We recommend you order the fish through one of our valued suppliers, ABALOBI

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