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Mushroom 101

Inspired by Majeka Kitchen's dish of: springbok, suurvygie, fermented garlic, raw mushroom - Chef Lucas shares his mushroom tips.

Raw mushrooms add a fresh earthy element to a dish. I used them to offset the rich, sweet-sour salty taste of the suurvygie in my dish.
1. Choose fresh mushrooms, they must be firm, have an even colour tone, and no signs of shrivel or mould.
2. When sautéing mushrooms, use medium to high heat with butter, don’t overcrowd the pan, and rather cook in batches to get an even colour.
3. I don’t wash my mushrooms, I just brush them clean with a small brush. Mushrooms will absorb water, which is not ideal.
4. To mimic the slice on my dish, use very fresh and firm mushrooms, and use a electronic slicer or very sharp mandolin.