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Majeka Kitchen Menu

After 8 years in our kitchen in various positions, Vuyo has taken over the realm of Majeka Kitchen in these challenging times. Her dishes are full of authenticity and flavours although classic and simple.

Restaurant is open Monday to Thursday 10am to 3pm, 8am to 7pm on Friday & Saturday, 8am to 3pm on Sundays and public holidays.We will serve hot breakfast options on Saturday, Sunday and public holidays.


4 small platesR490 – with wine pairing R830
5 small plates R590 – with wine pairing R1015
6 small platesR690 – with wine pairing R1200
7 small platesR790 – with wine pairing R1390

For groups of 6 and more the same amount of dishes must be selected

Complimentary from chef Lucas

pancake, beetroot bottarga
asparagus, sea lettuce
cape gooseberry toffee vetkoek, mature cheddar, biltong
”lowerland familiemeel” bread, sour cream

Suggested start

oysters, green strawberry, shiso, beef consommé
yellowtail pastrami, karkalla, plum, lemon balm
baby marrow, avocado, purslane, baby marrow jus
charred eggplant risotto, garlic, silver

Followed up by

fired beetroot, mushroom, kelp
potato gnocchi, miso, dune spinach, sea lettuce
farmed prawn, laksa, peanut, dried flowers

The serious choice

sustainable fish, gooseberry, spinach, green curry
springbok, suurvygie, fermented garlic, raw mushroom
lamb ribeye, daikon, nettle, boerenkaas
wagyu ribeye, wagyu lardo, eggplant, horseradish

To finish

80% chocolate, blueberry, beetroot bottarga, sorrel
whole oat, caramel, amber weiss, sorghum
tonka bean panna cotta, vanilla, coffee, fermented honey
salted strawberry, whole milk, sour cream, saltbush meringue

For groups of 6 and more the same amount of dishes must be selected. 12% service charge will be added to tables of 6 and more.
R5 will be added to your bill as a small, yet much needed donation to Street Smart South Africa.

This is a sample menu which is subject to slight changes without prior notice.